Ways to Manage Stress

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Anyone interested in how to reduce stress levels as well as to manage stress at both the workplace and personal levels.

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Recognize symptoms of stress and efffective ways to manage them

Stress occurs when one perceive that demands expected from them – such as work, relationships and even family – exceed that person’s ability to cope. And Untreated chronic stress can result in serious health conditions including anxiety, insomnia, muscle pain, high blood pressure and a weakened immune system.

But sometimes, stress can be a motivator, and it may mean we can learn to cope with stress as demanded upon us from time to time.

This workshop has been designed to provide participants with the tools and techniques to recognize symptoms of stress and also ways to manage these stressors.

Course Objectives

  • Understand stress and stress management
  • Appreciate how stress is caused
  • Know the different types of stress
  • Recognize signs of stress
  • Ways to overcome stressful situation
  • Apply basic relaxation methods to minimize stress
  • Open your mind to stress

Course Outline

  • What is stress and stress management
  • What causes stress
  • Differentiate the various types of stress
  • Understand the symptoms of stress
  • Approaches to overcome any stressful situations
  • Introduction to the different relaxation techniques to overcome stress
  • Embrace stress as part of life in the real world


Experiential learning, videos, group work, role play, class discussions, reflection and action plan.

For Your Delight

• A Certificate of Attendance will be given subject to 90% attendance.


Daniel Kam has at least 20 years of corporate leadership experience under his belt around Business Development, Sales and Marketing, General Management and Organization Development work including 7 years of senior management role as a Director of Asian market in the most recent corporate job. He brings relevant experience, wisdom and practical insights in his soft-skills based programs such as leadership, high performance team work, personal development as well as business development and management. He brings relevant experience, wisdom and practical insights into his exciting courses.

He holds a degree in Business Administration with specialization in Marketing. He is a certified professional trainer, qualified ACTA facilitator as well as an executive coach. He is also certified as a trainer for Brian Tracy range of sales leadership courses.

A passionate trainer with great empathic considerations, Daniel is able to relate well with diverse groups of multi-cultural and multi-generational learners. An engaging facilitator, Daniel encourages active participation from learners of his workshops and courses, ensuring effective internalization and subsequent application of new learned knowledge.


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Thank you for sharing your experiences. It does help for my life.
Muhammad Syahrizal (MOF)

An enjoyable course.
Teo Lay Seng (NAP)

Very encouraging and insightful course.
Julie Chua (MOF)