Becoming a Better Leader Through Growth Mindset

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All Employees , managers and aspiring leaders.

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Course Overview

In the wake of many devastating impacts caused by Covid 19, "growth mindset" has become a buzzword in many major companies, even working its way into their mission statements. However, many people's understanding of the idea is limited. Mission statements are fantastic things. You can't argue with noble values like growth, empowerment, or innovation. But what do they mean to employees if all these make them feel unreal and unattainable?

The program will help participants to apply growth mindset methodologies and succeed in the brutal corporate world. One of reasons most people failed to live up to their fullest potential is due to the internal fixed mindset personas that everyone has.

The workshop, conducted by a leadership practitioner, will ensure participants understand the key differences between growth and fixed mindsets. You will be learning how to remain in a growth zone when facing challenges, criticisms, or faring poorly compared with others due to self insecurity or defensiveness behaviors.


  • Apply growth mindset to develop your leadership and talents to the fullest
  • Learn the path to mastery to through continuous learning
  • Practical and effective tools that can be apply immediately
  • Tailored learning content that fits your organisation strategies
  • Challenge based learning that make learning gratifying and impactful
  • Facilitate by experienced practitioners

Course Objectives

  • Innovation and the way we operate
  • Difference between growth and fixed mindset
  • Framework for transformation process
  • Be a better Leader and learn how to work collaboratively with different stakeholders and teams

Course Outline

Unit 1: Innovation and value creation
  • How to leverage on agile mindset to navigate through the VUCA world
Unit 2: Growth Mindset
  • Understand how our brain work and view rewards and threats
Unit 3: Unit 3: Innovating Process for sustainable growth
  • Framework and steps for success in innovation through collaboration
Unit 4: Path ways for success as good leader
  • How to have a profound impact on the team members and their performance

For Your Delight

• Complimentary Refreshments for morning and afternoon tea breaks and lunch will be provided.

• A Certificate of Attendance will be given subject to 90% attendance.


William Wong had worked in two of the largest insurance companies in Asia and possesses 25 years of in depth experiences covering the various aspects of sale & marketing, channel management, turn key projects, process improvement, start up operation, service excellence, strategic road maps and business transformation. He is a people builder and system innovator. He trains and coaches individuals in realizing their fullest leadership potential and corporations in achieving their sales target through design thinking and six sigma methodologies. He has proven records in managing sales teams in generating more than 15% growth in new business growth year on year. Building people is his passion and he has strong commitment to help individuals to grow and become better leaders in their careers and lives.

As a corporate trainer and coach, he is well adapted to handle corporate or public run classes in areas of sustainability, design thinking, growth mindset, sense making, lean six sigma, service excellence, leadership training programs, senior executive development programs, project management, sales management, customer service, generic manufacturing skills, negotiation, customer service, train the trainers, stress management, project management, critical thinking and talent management. He is also a lecturer for the Pearson BTEC A levels equivalent diploma programme.


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