Design Thinking to Achieve Corporate Strategies and Goals

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Suitable for entrepreneurs, leaders and senior executives, as well as managers and executives.

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Course Overview

Design thinking entails creative problem solving from the centered perspective of the end users. It helps reduce preconceived beliefs that can block creativity, while possibly revealing both unmet and latent needs that users have been unable to articulate clearly.

Design thinking focusses on taking action to quickly generate lots of ideas, test, refine and rollout. It is a tried and tested blueprint turning dreams into reality by coming up with innovative solutions for company to stay relevant and sustainable in the market place The upshot product or solution offered will then get deliver closer to what the end users really need and want, lowering risks, uncertainties and wastages. The process also helps to give innovators, marketers, service providers and designers a simple framework to follow, keeping all stakeholders in alignment so as to transform and scale your business growth.

The program will help participants to understand, apply and execute the design thinking methodologies and p recesses to challenge convention al norms in an increasingly digital world. The workshop, conducted by a Design Thinking practitioner will ensure participants work through the six stages of the Design Thinking process to facilitate unique, insightful and innovative solution for real life problems.


  • Integrates end to end design thinking for creativity and innovation
  • Best in class design thinking content for easy understanding
  • Tailored learning content that fits your organization needs and strategies
  • Challenge based learning and collaboration with team to solve real life problems
  • Facilitated by a design thinking practitioner

Course Objectives

  • Build up empathy and realise true innovation capability
  • Internalise the design thinking mindset for immediate application
  • Create solution s through rapid prot otyping
  • Test prototypes in real life setting
  • Gather and review stakeholders feedback
  • Able to transform and scale up your business growth through creativity and innovation

Course Outline

Unit 1: Concepts of Design Thinking
  • Introduction to Design Thinking
  • Framework and Process of Design Thinking
Unit 2: Understand & observe your end users
  • Understand the importance of empathy and how to apply the correct techniques to uncover the latent needs of your end users observation and interview
Unit 3: Defining Point of View for end users
  • Defining point of view of the end users with profiling of the persona and journey mapping
  • Uncover the latent needs of the end users
Unit 4: Brainstorming for solutions
  • Applying various brainstorming techniques to generate lots of ideas for solutions
Unit 5: Prototyping
  • Deploy rapid prototype space milestones and phrases coupled with effective feedback mechanism
Unit 6: Validate e through testing
  • Validating the feasibility of prototypes by gathering and responding to user feedbacks
  • Turing from how might we (HMW) to will it work (WIW)
Unit 7: Transform and Scale up
  • Transform and scale up organization growth through design thinking
Unit 8: Summary and Recap
  • Sharing of industry best practice in Design Thinking

For Your Delight

• Complimentary Refreshments for morning and afternoon tea breaks and lunch will be provided.

• A Certificate of Attendance will be given subject to 90% attendance.


William Wong had worked in two of the largest insurance companies in Asia and possesses 25 years of in depth experiences covering the various aspects of sale & marketing, channel management, turn key projects, process improvement, start up operation, service excellence, strategic road maps and business transformation. He is a people builder and system innovator. He trains and coaches individuals in realizing their fullest leadership potential and corporations in achieving their sales target through design thinking and six sigma methodologies. He has proven records in managing sales teams in generating more than 15% growth in new business growth year on year. Building people is his passion and he has strong commitment to help individuals to grow and become better leaders in their careers and lives.

As a corporate trainer and coach, he is well adapted to handle corporate or public run classes in areas of sustainability, design thinking, growth mindset, sense making, lean six sigma, service excellence, leadership training programs, senior executive development programs, project management, sales management, customer service, generic manufacturing skills, negotiation, customer service, train the trainers, stress management, project management, critical thinking and talent management. He is also a lecturer for the Pearson BTEC A levels equivalent diploma programme.


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