Effective Stress Management

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All level of executives, managers, supervisors, team leaders, frontline and support staff from different industries.

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Master the Skills to Manage Stress Effectively

People with stress related problems are often told to relax or reduce their stress but they are not told how. There are also too few courses where people can learn to manage their stress effectively. Often, they could not find one that blends theory into actual practice. This is where this course comes in; it's totally relevant and proven useful to handle today stressful environments for all working executives. By learning to manage oneself and stress-related issues more effectively, participants will be able to make a greater contribution to their organization’s goals. They will be more productive and effective at work yet will still be able to achieve a rewarding work-life balance.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the science of stress
  • Recognize the various stressors and personality types
  • How to cope with work related stress
  • Handling stress effectively by apply basic relaxation methods

Course Outline

  • What are the different types of stress?
  • Recognize and measure different stress.
  • Practical ways to cope with work problems and increase productivity.
  • Applying time Management and mind set change to deal with difficult situation.
  • Embrace stress as part of life in the real world by applying relaxing techniques to lead a balanced life.


Experiential learning, videos, case studies, group work, class discussions, reflection and action plan.

For Your Delight

• A Certificate of Attendance will be given subject to 90% attendance.


William Wong had worked in two of the largest insurance companies in Asia and possesses 25 years of in depth experiences covering the various aspects of sale & marketing, channel management, turn key projects, process improvement, start up operation, service excellence, strategic road maps and business transformation. He is a people builder and system innovator. He trains and coaches individuals in realizing their fullest leadership potential and corporations in achieving their sales target through design thinking and six sigma methodologies. He has proven records in managing sales teams in generating more than 15% growth in new business growth year on year. Building people is his passion and he has strong commitment to help individuals to grow and become better leaders in their careers and lives.

As a corporate trainer and coach, he is well adapted to handle corporate or public run classes in areas of design thinking, growth mindset, sense making, lean six sigma, service excellence, leadership training programs, senior executive development programs, project management, sales management, customer service, generic manufacturing skills, negotiation, customer service, train the trainers, stress management, project management, critical thinking and talent management. He is also a lecturer for the Pearson BTEC A levels equivalent diploma programme.


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Trainer is very knowledgeable, able to share personal experience and relate to today's topic which helped us to digest most of the things shared in class.
Muhammad Sairulnizam (MOF)

Nice Sharing of life experience.
Muhammad Rifaie (MOF)

Very encouraging and insightful course.
Julie Chua (MOF)